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Reporting a death using the "Tell Us Once" service

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This page is about 'Reporting a death using the "Tell Us Once" service'
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The "Tell Us Once" service

The "Tell Us Once" service in the UK is a crucial and compassionate support system that simplifies the process of reporting a death. It serves as a vital resource for bereaved families during an emotionally challenging time. When a loved one passes away, there are numerous administrative tasks that must be completed, and "Tell Us Once" helps streamline this process by notifying relevant government departments and local authorities on behalf of the bereaved.

This service is accessible through various channels, including 

  • Phone
  • Online
  • In-person appointments, 

Families can choose the method that suits them best. Once initiated, the service collects essential information about the deceased individual and their estate, ensuring that the necessary agencies are informed promptly. This information includes details about benefits, pensions, and other government services that need to be updated or terminated, which can provide significant relief to grieving families.

"Tell Us Once" is an initiative that exemplifies the UK government's commitment to supporting citizens during challenging times. By minimizing the administrative burden on bereaved families, it allows them to focus on the emotional and personal aspects of coping with their loss, offering a helping hand during a difficult journey.

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