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Redundancy Coaching Couch 1: Redundancy and Presuppositions

This page is about 'Redundancy Coaching Couch 1: Redundancy and Presuppositions'
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Avoid making presuppositions about redundancy 

Try to shake off any presuppositions you may have about redundancy as they can be detrimental for several reasons.

  • Undermining Objectivity:
    • Presuppositions can introduce bias and subjectivity into discussions by shaping the lens through which information is interpreted. This undermines the pursuit of objective truth and reasoned analysis.
  • Impeding Open-Mindedness:
    • Presuppositions can limit open-mindedness by predisposing individuals to predetermined beliefs. This hinders the ability to consider alternative perspectives and impedes intellectual growth.
  • Obstructing Effective Communication:
    • When individuals operate with different presuppositions, effective communication becomes challenging. Misunderstandings arise as parties may be talking past each other without a shared foundation for dialogue.
  • Inhibiting Critical Thinking:
    • Relying on presuppositions may discourage critical thinking, as individuals may accept ideas without questioning their validity. This hampers the development of analytical skills and the ability to evaluate information critically.
  • Fostering Confirmation Bias:
    • Presuppositions can contribute to confirmation bias, where individuals seek or interpret information in a way that confirms their existing beliefs. This reinforces preconceived notions and inhibits a balanced consideration of diverse viewpoints.
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